our faith

We believe in the Holy Scripture, the Godhead, Jesus Christ & His Works, The Holy Spirit, Salvation, the Church and its’ Ordinances, and the Rapture of the Church.

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Our Commitment

We are committed to evangelism, discipleship, worship, ministry and fellowship.

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Our Lead Pastor
Donald Clarke, Jr.

Coupled with a love for God’s people, Pastor Donald F. Clarke, Jr.  has a tremendous passion for the Word of God. Since childhood, Pastor Don has always felt the call of God upon his life and has had a heart for ministering the Gospel of Jesus Christ. At the mere age of 6 years old, he boldly announced to his mother, “I want to preach like my father and sing like Jimmy Swaggart!” And that is exactly what he did and what he continues to do today.

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The ministry

kingdom kidz

As a children’s ministry serving kids aged 0-11, Kingdom Kidz connects children to God, helps them to grow in faith and knowledge of God, and gives them to courage to conquer the world.

Overcomers Youth Group

Designed for middle school and high school aged youth, the Overcomer’s Youth Group aims to build a better world by empowering our young people in faith, talent, and service.

Young adults

The young adult ministry focuses on strengthening the faith, relationships, identity, life choices and purpose of individuals aged 18-35.

Life Groups

Held twice per month within local settings, life groups are the opportunity to have small group fellowship and interactive bible study.

Men of Valor

Men of Valor Men’s Ministry provides training, fellowship, and life applicable teachings that groom men of integrity become able leaders, productive citizens, good fathers, and responsible husbands.

Daughters of

Daughters of Destiny International strives to increase confidence, stability, and virtue in the daily lives of the girls and women it serves.

Care & Comfort Hospitality

Care and comfort hospitality group serves the sick, shut in, bereaved, and new mothers through prayer and support.

Marriage Group

Through outings, marriage conferences, experience and bible-based conversations, the Marriage Group aims to build healthy, lasting marriages.

Purest Praise Dance

Purest Praise Dance and mime ministry endeavors to be a prophetic expression of praise and worship that welcomes in the presence of God.

Download Our 21 Day Prayer Journal

We all have areas in our lives (physically, spiritually, emotionally, mentally, or financially) where our defenses have crumbled away, leaving us feeling hopeless, helpless, and lost. We invite you to download and join the 21 Day Prayer Journal Challenge. By God’s grace and the power of the Holy Spirit, we will arise and re-build the walls of our lives.